Bishop Odetoyinbo inaugurates new board members for Sacred Heart Hospital, Lantoro
May 5, 2021

The Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Abeokuta, Most Rev. Dr. Peter Olukayode Odetoyinbo has inaugurated new board members for the Sacred Heart Hospital,Lantoro, Abeokuta, follow ...

May 5, 2021

Nigeria, a British make up in 1914, is still carrying and being weighed down by the burden of difficult history. The trouble about ethnicity in Nigeria was occasioned by th ...

In the name of the clergy, religious and lay faithful of the Diocese of Abeokuta, I gladly welcome you to our website. I do hope the site serves your needs to discover the evangelization activities of our diocese.
As you encounter our diocese through this medium, I pray for God's protection and guidance over you and your family particularly in this period of Covid pandemic. Do remember our diocese in your prayers. God bless you.
Most Rev.Dr Peter OluKayode Odetoyinbo
Bishop of Abeokuta Diocese



Alleluia! May the light of the risen Christ dispel the darkness of our hearts (Jn 8:12)

Greetings to the Priests, Religious and Laity of the Catholic Diocese of Abeokuta and to everyone as we commemorate the great events of our salvation. Christ our Saviour underwent the sufferings of the cross which culminated in His death and resurrection; salvific acts that rescued us from the ruling forces of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son in whom we enjoy our freedom and the forgiveness of sin.  The celebration of Easter reminds us of the price that Jesus Christ paid to deliver us from the forces of evil and to open for us the doors of the kingdom of God. Scripture noted that the veil of the sanctuary was torn in two from top to bottom with earthquake while the tombs opened and the bodies of the many people after his resurrection came out of the tombs and entered the holy city (Mt 27:51). This is symbolic of Jesus Christ, the High Priest who entered the Holy of Holies with His blood and offered a single and everlasting sacrifice thus obtaining eternal redemption for us (Heb. 9:12).

Hence, we can enter the Holy of Holies through Him and have access to God. Jesus Christ has removed the barriers between God and man through His resurrection that we may approach the Father with confidence and boldness. We therefore echo with joy the Easter proclamation as we recall the deliverance of the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt and their eventual passage through the wilderness in which God banished the darkness of sin with a pillar of fire. Truly, we pray that Christ the morning star and the light of world will dispel the darkness of our hearts and shed his peaceful light on humanity. Amen.

Dearly beloved, let me also use this occasion to call your attention to the raging evils around us: the evils of kidnapping, banditry, terrorism and other related vices that have rendered our nation unsafe. These are the evils that the light of Christ should dispel from our hearts, if only we realize the dangers they pose to our unity and common heritage. Insecurity continues as a regular trademark in our country due to lack of respect for human and family life as violence is constantly visited on innocent Nigerians by perceived enemies of our nation both local and foreign. Under whatever guise they may claim, we urge them to embrace the light of Christ and stop the raging destruction of lives and properties. Even when the government seems to be doing a lot to manage the insecurity situation in the country, we hope to see more proactive efforts rather than reactive.

We must as a nation jettison bigotry against people of other tribes who live in our communities.  The calls for the disintegration of the country or secession by some nationalists in the name of restructuring must be re-evaluated particularly when it is tainted with hate and resentment. Issuance of ultimatum to some Nigerians to vacate a section of the country should be condemned in its entirety. Every Nigerian must have a sense of belonging and should be free to live in any part of the country. However, such rights should be exercised with respect for the rights of other citizens and the constitutional provisions of the Government. A detribalized Nigeria should be our dream where people are not judged by their tribes but by the quality of their person, character and competence.

While we greet with delight the activities of the Judicial Panels of Enquiry set up by the various State Governments to address police brutality and the purported violation of human rights of Nigerians occasioned by the Endsars protest, we like to also recall that during the protest, the Government both State and Federal made some promises. As we await the full implementation of such promises, we hope that efforts to ensure justice delivery to victims of police brutality will also include a thorough evaluation of the causes and effects in all the cases raised and the delivery of justice beyond monetary compensation, this will help to address both present and future cases of human rights violation. Apparently, Governments need to address some tensions that cut across the educational, health, economic and socio-political lives of our nation. We must address as a matter of urgency, the rate of poverty in our country if we want peace to reign. By so doing, our people will not become willing agents in the hands of exploiters, oppressors and enemies of our nation. Just as Jesus Christ brought the message of peace to the humanity by His sacrificial love for mankind, we all must be willing to make sacrifices for one another and for the good of our country. We must ensure justice, equity and fairness to every Nigerian irrespective of tribe and status.

Let our Alleluia songs resonate with lifting our nation out of the abyss of darkness as we allow the light of Christ to permeate and illuminate our hearts. These visible problems of our nation can only be overcome if we turn away from the evils meted out to one another and allow the love of God to find a home in us. Beloved people of God, let us pray through the intercession of St. Joseph who obeyed the will of God despite all odds, that we may be encouraged to forge ahead and hope for the best in our lives and nation. Easter brings hope and courage to us and we should never give up as we look beyond our pains to a blessed and prosperous Nigeria. May God bless our nation and people and grant us peace and unity, Amen.  Happy Easter celebration to you all.


Most Rev. Dr. Peter OdetoyinboBishop, Catholic Diocese of Abeokuta             

3rd April, 2021

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