SOME LECTURERS ARE on rampage in their various campuses. Some would demand for sex for marks while others ask for monetary reward for same reason. Most students in our Higher Institutions are facing harassments in different forms. When they are through with their studies at all cost, they may decide to do same or even worse for the next generations.

Proverb 13:19 says, “A desire fulfilled is sweet to the soul; but to turn away from evil is an abomination to the fools.” No wonder the man who impregnated his 21 year-old daughter said, “She grabbed me and kissed me. And I had sex with her.” Dear readers, search your conscience today and beg for God’s mercy and compassion for your sins. Adam said to God in response to the question. “The woman you put with me gave me fruit from the tree and I ate it.” And Eve  said, “The serpent deceived me and I ate.” None of them was humble enough to plead for leniency.

Are you a leader? Be careful what you do or say because the children are watching you. Every day, we receive news about corrupt leaders and security agents who are supposed to frown at corruption. People including children are watching events in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State where a policeman mistook a soldier for an armed robber an killed him on Thursday 17, May 2018. Soldiers later stormed the Rumukpakani Police Station and arrested the DPO and eight others in retaliation. It is likely that the case will be settled amicably but will the children understand?

A Special Anti-Robbery Squad in Ikorodu , Lagos extorted N5,000 from Ifeoluwa Adegoke and her friends after accusing them as criminals.  Adegoke had to transfer the money through her phone which later helped her to identify one of the policemen. The question on the lips of both children and adults is, “Is the police still our friend?” The next generation may take the law into their hands if this extortion and unnecessary killings continue unabated. Almighty God, come to our aid and make haste to help us for we are your heritage!

On May 8, 2017 a man of 80 years and his 45 year-old wife with their two children and a neighbor allegedly burgled a house and a shop in Apete, Ibadan and stole food stuffs worth N34,700. They may not realize that they are training their children to be thieves.

EjioforOyiegu allegedly stabbed his elder brother, Ekene to death in Anambra State when they had issues over budget for their father’s burial, among other issues on April 7, 2018. The late Ekene drew the first blood by stabbing his younger brother, who grabbed the knife and stabbed him in the neck. “How will this affect the next generation?” you may ask! Naturally, Ekene’s children will not take it kindly with their uncle and his children. A big gap has been created by the two adults. Anger is an agent to the devil. When you are angry, be careful what you say or do!

Kingsley Oriaku lost his father-in-law in 2017. Because he had no money to bury his late father-in-law, he had to sell his one-and-half-year old daughter for N190,000 and his neighbor’s 7year-old son for N120,000 to enable him give a befitting burial to his father-in-law. Do we have to displease God and please the people at the expense of these innocent children? When they grow up to know their past, will they not rebel against the society?

You drink alcohol excessively and sometimes you share it with your little children to show how much you love them. You are telling them that such act or practice is a way of life. When the cow grazes, the young ones look on. I hope your children will not grow up using alcohol to have their bath!

On Thursday May 24, 2018, Michael Akpan Isaiah 41, was remanded in custody for allegedly raping his four biological daughters who were ages two, seven, eleven and fifteen years old respectively. The Chief Magistrate, ZinnahAlikor described Michael’s action as abomination and wickedness. Unfortunately, it was Michael’s son who caught him in the act at Borokiri, Port Harcourt. Will these children ever forgive their father? This development has created a gap in this family which, if not filled by God, will disable the society in the future.

Do not consider your sin too big to be forgiven by the God of mercy and compassion. For, He so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son to die and set us free from our sins. Peter denied Jesus thrice and wept later and his sins were forgiven him. Allow the Spirit of the Living God to fall afresh on you: He will melt you, remold you, fill you and use you for your good!Almighty God, you who have the power to change people and situations, change our ugly situations that they may not have negative effect on our future generations.

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