“WHAT MUST WE DO, brothers?” Peter said to them, “You must repent” (Acts 2:37-38). Like King David, when we realise that we have departed from the way of the Lord, we should be able to reflect on our lives and recognise the healing power of God and say with the psalmist, “Teach me Lord, the meaning of your laws, and I will obey them at all times. As you have promised, keep me from falling; don’t let me be overcome by evil” (Ps 119:33, 133).

There is no gainsaying  that the ailing economy has destabilised most people today. And if you are not in the habit of constant reflection on your life, you may not realise that you have departed from the law and retrace your steps to be at peace with God. It has not been this bad for decades and only those who stick to the law can tread the right path.  People want to survive at all cost!

A mother who had financial problem gave her 15-year-old boy, Ajala Samuel, to Iya Meta to work for her for two months because of N8, 000 only. At the end of the period, Iya Meta could not return him to his mother because she transferred him to three other women in Lagos Island for N72, 000 though she denied the allegation. You are the shepherd of your child, God’s gift to you.

When you trade with this precious gift because of hunger, will you be able to beat your chest like Christ and say, “I am the gate of my sheepfold?” Those who have no children are moving from one prayer centre to another praying for the fruit of the womb and those who have children without efforts are murmuring for having too many to cater for.  Have you forgotten that God is the one providing for you? 

I appreciate Mr and Mrs Imudia Uduehi who God blessed with a set of quintuplets (five babies) in Abuja on April 12, 2017. Both couple are graduates of computer science but Imudia has no stable job while his wife, Oluwakemi, works with National Population Commission, Abuja. The couple welcome the children and see them as a blessing from God.

Mrs Uzamat Akinbile-Yusuf, the Lagos State Commissioner for Youth and Social Development, told us that as many as 237 abandoned babies were rescued across Lagos in the last one year. My people, what is happening in our society? Has the current situation changed our attitude to righteousness so much that parents have to abandon their children? If your parents had abandoned you, would you be where you are today?

“The people asked John the Baptist, ‘What are we to do then?’” He answered them, “Whoever has two shirts must give one to the man who has none, and whoever has food must share it” (Lk3:10-11). Those who have much want more for themselves, rather than share with others. “All the believers continued together in close fellowship and shared their belongings with one another” (Acts 2:44). Most believers of today do not believe in this aspect of Christianity.

“If God tells you what to do, will you do it? You cannot continue to apportion blame on others. Go back to God and he will direct you. You should be the change that will change your situation. As you look forward for a change, you have to repent and allow God to function in you. Only then you will hear God and know his will and do it,” says Kenneth Nwaozuzu.

King David said in Psalm 51:3-4,9,12, “ I recognise my fault; I am always conscious of my sins. I have sinned against you - only against you - and done what is evil in your sight. Close your eyes to my sins and wipe out all my evil. Give me again the joy that comes from your salvation, and make me willing to obey you.” When you acknowledge your sins and ask for God’s mercy and compassion, like the father of the prodigal son, God will welcome you.

You may think you are so devoted to God that you are always on the right track. Without the required spiritual check and balance, you may wonder away like Solomon, the wisest man. Against God’s warning, Solomon married foreign women and began to worship their gods. Do not lose the faith you have in Jesus, lest your thoughts and actions will be abominable because you have lost your track.

“I can assure you that they are deeply devoted to God; but their devotion is not based on true knowledge. They have not known the way in which God puts people right with himself, and instead, they have tried to set up their own way; and so they did not submit themselves to God’s way of putting people right. For Christ has brought the law to an end, so that everyone who believes is put right with God” (Rom 10:2-4).

Jacob who was seen as a devoted Christian wondered why his prayers were not answered. A church member suggested that he changes two of his habits: stinginess and short-temperedness. He changed these habits though with difficulties and pains. One day he hit an expensive car while driving his rickety-car. When he saw the millionaire in the other car coming down, he abandoned his car and ran away.

When the man caught up with him later and wanted to beat the hell out of him, the man’s wife suddenly identified Jacob as one who once helped her husband at a crucial moment. This development made the man to give Jacob a high-profile job with official car, accommodation and a salary he did not deserve. Jacob now knows why it was like a dream when the Lord delivered Zion from bondage.

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