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St. Sebastian Ajegunle Parishioners visit Bishop Odetoyinbo

It was with joy and happiness that the parishioners of St. Sebastian Catholic Church,Ajegunle parishioners paid a visit to His Lordship, Most Rev Dr Peter Olukayode Odetoyinbo to express their sincere appreciation toward the creation of their Parish.

The memorable visit was led by the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Clement Olaniyan, accompanied by the President of the Parish Laity Council, Mr Cosmas Oladele, the Parish Pastoral Council Vice President Mr. Peter Gudu, the Parish CMO President, Chief Basil Muonanu, the Parish CWO President, Mrs Chinyere Elonu, the Parish Catechist Chairman, Catechist Paul Ajofoge, the Parish CYON President, Mr. Daniel Balogun, the Parish Pastoral Council Secretary, Mr Charles Ideiyenmi and two representatives from the outstations, Mr. Joseph Ogunsoro and Mr. Oliver Eke.

St Sebastian Catholic Church Ajegunle, was an outstation under Holy Trinity Idiroko Parish before the pronouncement of its creation as a parish by the Bishop on 24th January 2018. Since then, it has experienced some spiritual and physical development, such as the creation of new outstation, St Mark, Iropo, infant and adult baptism, reception of First Holy Communion, Celebration of marriage. Daily exposition and adoration of Blessed Sacrament and Holy Mass, Sunday school, just to mention a few, and now we are preparing for the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation.

Also, physical developments are not left out, serious effort is being made to improve the place of worship and the entire premises, these include construction of public toilet, changing Church window and doors to modern outlook, construction of new pews, renovation/furnishing of the sacristy and fence fortification, just to mention a few.

In his remarks, the Bishop expressed his satisfaction towards the former Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Clement Olaniyan for his wonderful performance in spiritual and physical development of Ajegunle Parish.

The Bishop said that the creation of the new outstation at Iropo was a good gesture and a welcome development for the growth of kingdom of God among the people.

In the same vein, he expressed his delight toward the supporting effort of Ajegunle lay faithful in the development of Ajegunle parish. He appreciated their generous contribution towards the Abeokuta Diocese, especially the Pastoral Centre project.

He urged them to continue to support their Parish Priest and contribute their quota for the development of the parish, saying that the building of a parish is a collective responsibility of everyone not the parish priest alone. Therefore, everyone must contribute no matter how small to the growth and development of the parish and their contribution will be duly acknowledged in Christian community assuring them that anyone who gives to the Lord will never go unrewarded.

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