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Bishop Odetoyinbo Dedicates St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Magboro

Saturday January 14th, 2020, was a day of joy and gratitude to God for Rev. Fr. Joseph Edosa Ogbebor (Parish Priest), Rev. Fr. Callistus Obialo (Associate Priest), and the entire parishioners of St. Ignatius Catholic Church Magboro, as His Lordship, Most Rev. Dr. Peter Olukayode Odetoyinbo, Bishop, Catholic Diocese of Abeokuta, performed the rites of dedication of the magnificent edifice of their Church. The ceremony, which attracted many priests of the Diocese, Knights and Ladies of St. John International, Knights and Ladies of St. Mulumba, parishioners, friends and well-wishers, started with the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Ogbebor, handing over the keys of the new Church building to His Lordship with which he opened the Church. Bishop Odetoyinbo, obviously elated for the wonderful work they had been done, congratulated the Parish Priest, his Assistant, the Parish Pastoral Council, the Parish Laity Council, Catholic Men Organisation, Catholic Women Organisation, Catholic Youth Organisation of Nigeria, the Building Committee, friends and well-wishers, and all those that contributed to the building of the befitting dwelling place for God. “I rejoice with you because I feel satisfied; the edifice manifests the glory of God,” he said. The Bishop explained the significance of the liturgical action of dedication of a Church in the Catholic Church. He said, “It is the setting aside of a place for the worship of God and to behold His glory,” adding that the rites depict the richness of Catholic Tradition. The Church dedication involved blessing of the people with Holy Water, the anointing of the Altar, the installation of the Relics of St. Joseph Marello, anointing of the walls of the Church, the incensing of the corners of the Church and the people of God. Bishop Odetoyinbo then explained that the essence of the rites is to draw consciousness to the sacredness of the place of worship. “This house henceforth shall be called a house of prayer. Let us not turn it into a den of robbers; the church is not a place to make noise and chat away with friends; no eating and no drinking. The waters of the Sacraments will continue to flow from the sanctuary of this Church. This Church is the testimony of your faith. The Church is dedicated because there are people of faith. So, all aberrations to the liturgy must stop. You must preserve the doctrines and faith of the Catholic Church, and defend the sacredness of the Church. Let those who are troubled like Hannah come to seek refuge in this place; let the sick come to find comfort in this house; let the blind come to Jesus for sight, for this place has become a tent of meeting, where the people of God come to God to experience the radiance and glory of God”. He said. “St. Ignatius of Loyola, the Patron Saint of the Church, is known for spiritual exercises and St. Joseph Marello, Founder of the Oblates of Saint Joseph; model of sanctity and an intercessor in Heaven. I urge you to always seek their intercession so that you may grow in the Spirit.” He then prayed, “May all those who seek the face of God in this Holy dwelling place not go back disappointed but find solace and peace. Through the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Queen and Mother; St. Joseph Marello, may God be glorified and adored and may favours come upon you all. After this day, you shall celebrate every year, the dedication of this Church after from your parish patron feast day,” Bishop Odetoyinbo added. The Chief Shepherd appreciated Mama Sawara and family from whose house the Church in Magboro started. Rev. Fr. Ogbebor in his speech gave glory to God for the wonderful thing He has done. He said “that when the Bishop came for the dedication of the Church of Transfiguration, Arepo, I asked him which parish was next? And today, we are here for the dedication of the fourth Church in the Catholic Diocese of Abeokuta.” He enthused, “David started the building of the house for God, Solomon built it, but Joseph finished it,” which elicited a thunderous ovation. He appreciated the Bishop for his encouragement and support towards the successful completion of the church, all the priests present at the dedication ceremony and the wonderful members of St. Ignatius Magboro for their efforts and contributions towards the erection of the beautiful edifice for the worship of the Most High God. Highlights of the second part of the ceremony after the Holy Mass was the cutting of the cake by the Bishop assisted by the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Ogbebor; Chairman of the Day, Mr. Pius Odumosu and the children. Then followed the social gathering and entertainment chaired by Mr. Pius Odumosu, the Vice Chairman, Diocesan Catholic Men Organisation (CMO). The Mother of the Day was Mama Esther Enagbonro Odiase. There were cultural dance presentations by the Parish Catholic Women Organisation (CWO) and Makogi Outstation.

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