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LEP CYON Hold 3rd Annual Leadership Retreat

The Catholic Youth Organisation of Nigeria, Lagos Ecclesiastical Province recently held her 3rd annual leadership retreat and seminar to prepare all Catholic youth leaders for the task of leading and evangelizing other young people of the province through the year. This spiritual/educative programme has become one of the most anticipated programs of the provincial yearly calendar, as it brings together leaders from the CYON in Abeokuta Diocese, Ijebu-Ode Diocese, Lagos Archdiocese, National Association of Catholic Corpers (NACC), Young Catholic Students (YCS) and National Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS) to evaluate, mediate and contemplate on the primary assignment entrusted to them by the Church as leaders of various youths’ bodies. The 3rd annual leadership retreat and Seminar comes at a time when the Catholic Church and the nation at large requires that her young generation becomes true catalyst of development and growth while shunning violence and nepotism, laziness and idleness. The theme of programme, “Don’t be afraid; Mary for you have found favour with God” headlined a program which had an even mix of activities of both spiritual and educational, activities such as penitential service, Mass, talk and seminars from seasoned professionals, community work and much more are essential elements every young leader would require in the propagation of the youth evangelism. During the penitential service, the Chaplain of the CYON Lagos Ecclesiastical Province Rev. Fr. Gabriel Odunnaiya reiterated that leadership has been greatly abused by the contemporary leaders in our society. He said leadership simply implies service. He stated clearly, that many have been intoxicated by power and have neglected God; therefore appealed to young people to be humble, urging them to evaluate themselves on how far and how well they have been able to carry out their leadership roles. He noted that “humility is all that is required to be a good and better leader”. Other motivating talks included topics on 'Borderless possibilities, awakening the sleeping giants’ by Rev.Fr David Odunsi and Communication: Effective writing and public speaking” by Miss Joy Ugwumba. One of the major highlights of theevent was the reach out program where the Catholic youths went out into the Ijebu-Itele for a sanitization exercise. According to the Provincial President Mr. Abdul Emmanuel Ayegba the sanitation exercise which was enthusiastically carried out by all serves as an opportunity to give back in a little way to the community by making sure we all live in a clean and healthy environment while also evangelizing the love of Christ. Oluchi Oluchineyere and Eni Enyinna ENI

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